A few things that made my March better

Historically speaking, March is a difficult time for me. It’s the month that I lost my mother which kicked off a truly tragic series of events in my life. Normally, I have the mid-March slump which isn’t helped by the unpredictable weather and the lack of breaks from school. This March, I found a number of things that made my month, little by little, better. So what were they?


  1. Queer Eye (available on Netflix) – True confessions. I have loved Queer Eye for years. I loved the original Fab Five and still love seeing Carson and Tom (not Thom) regularly on my favorite TV shows. I was honestly skeptical on this new version. I. LOVE. IT. I love the guys – Their chemistry is great with each other and the guys they make over. I love their real connections with the men they makeover. I couldn’t choose a favorite if I had to but I will say I regularly pause the show to write down quotes that are funny, relatable and downright profound. I would say I normally laugh and cry in any given episode. This is not one that I want to binge. I want to keep enjoying this series little by little.
  2. My Trip to Valencia  – I’ve been to Valencia before and I really enjoyed it. I really needed a nice trip. Like I said, March is never a fun month for me and February of this year was particularly stressful. The first weekend of March I headed South for my favorite kind of long weekend. I met with a friend. I explored the city streets. I walked all over the place. I took pictures. I ate good food. I had the absolute shit scared out of me by the famous Mascletas (extremely loud fireworks) that are popular all hours of the day and night during Las Fallas. I love Valencia even more now and can’t wait to go back.

    My cousin Michael gave me this gorgeous watercolor Bowie
  3. David Bowie – I have long been a David Bowie fan. From the pinnacle of my childhood nightmares, Labyrinth, to one of my favorite movie soundtracks, Life Aquatic (featuring Bowie himself as well as reinventions by artist Seu Jorge). I’ve just been loving listening to David Bowie while I’m walking, writing or having a nice think in a plaza. It didn’t hurt that this famous Space X video was set to Life on Mars. If I had to narrow down to my favorites, I would say Modern Love, Rebel Rebel and Fashion are my absolute favorites. The one song I still can’t get through without shedding a tear is Lazarus. The video that became famous posthumously gets me every time.29186196_10211013063547114_1764892071556022272_n.jpg
  4. My new pillow – Starting at the end of February, my sister started asking me “did you get your damn package yet?!” It contained, among other things, my Christmas present. Well, on the 13th of March I tracked it down to a warehouse far outside of my city. A three hour round trip by bus and foot left me with a wonderful gift. It’s a pillow copy of my sweet Oscar. He died in November and my sister ordered me this pillow. It’s genuinely so sweet – definitely cried when I opened it just because I miss that sweet little love. In any event – I now have an Oscar substitute to cuddle at night.
  5. My Grandma Joan’s 90th birthday – anyone who loves me knows that I love my grandma. I try to call her every two days to chat about all sorts of things. She’s honest and hilarious and really with it. She also was extremely supportive throughout the loss of both of my parents. All things considered – she’s in good health. I’ve been really enjoying sending her home made cards with a little extra love in them. She’s seriously an inspiration to me in a lot of ways and I’m so glad to have her.

What were some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments section below!

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