A few things you can never have to much of

Listen, I’m all for living minimally and without clutter. There are some things that you can never have to much for. Either they seem to grow legs and walk away (mom jokes) or you use them frequently – here are four things I believe you can’t ever have too much of.


  1. Hair ties/bobby pins – As a human woman, I seem to hemorrhage hair ties. I am better now that I was in the past but seriously – I think it’s ok to have 20 of these suckers on a carabiner with your general hair supplies. They stretch out, break or disappear often enough that it’s worth it. You know you’ll use them eventually – even if it’s just helping a sister out who is stuck out without a hair tie in the wind. The kharma will come back your way.7516819296_IMG_0060
  2. Medicine – Growing up, like most families, we had a medicine cabinet full of the average medicines people use on a semi-regular basis. Advil, tylenol, benadryl, sudafed, and Pepto bismol were just some of the main players. I can’t say for sure but I just don’t think this is as common here in Spain. However, I still like to have a wide selection of medicine. The last thing I want to do when I’m feeling like shit is leave the house. I am glad to have a wide and varied selection for when a cold or migraine strikes. Obviously medicine has an expiration date so you can have too much but my point is that it is worth keeping some in the house.7516819296_IMG_0050
  3. Black fineliner pens – I go through black fineliner pens all the time. I have them in probably 7 different brands with a variety of different opacities and tip sizes. I use them for literally every writing task I have on any given day. While I may not go through the ink frequently, sometimes they break or I lose one in my bookbag. I never regret purchasing them for back ups.7516819296_IMG_0046
  4. Organization – I remember when I was little, my dad’s garage seemed kind of like a mess. It had that fantastic machine oil smell. There were lots of mysterious chemicals, thousands of nails, nuts, bolts and a wide variety of scrap materials. However, my dad knew exactly where everything was. It was meticulously labelled. He knew if someone had been in his garage and borrowed a tool without returning it. I wish I had a picture to pop in here – but be assured that his nuts, screws and bolts storage was unbelievably impressive as an adult. I try to channel my father in my organizational goals. I keep my makeup, art supplies, clothes, sticker collection, medicine, and even writing tools perfectly organized. It’s so easy for me to find things when I need them. I can’t remember the last time I misplaced something in my house (travel and work is a different story). I am glad my father gave me the mantra that if everything has a place, you are never cleaning up.
  5. Underwear – So obviously this isn’t totally true. What I do mean is that when you find a style that you like – you might as well stock up. It drives me nuts that the style of underwear changes from season to season. I bought like 14 pairs of underwear before I moved to Spain and if anything, I wish I bought more.

So those are my main things that I would say I never have enough of. I stock up more often than I wish I had to (including on organizational tools and items). What would have been your picks? Let me know below!

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