How to Start Habit Tracking

Habit tracking is something that I’ve really started to love. I enjoy taking the time to take a look at those small tasks I work on every day. They also help me wake up in the morning and wind down in the evening. That being said,  I think starting habit tracking is something that can be intimidating. Here are some tricks that helped me get in the habit of tracking my habits.


  1. Pick Habits – I’m going to write a whole post on how I pick my habits to track. One thing to remember is that you do not need to track daily habits. Some of my habits are more like weekly occurrences. Another thing I think is helpful when picking habits is that you should start with some habits that you are already in the process of adopting. This way, you aren’t starting with a completely new set of tasks for the day.
  2. Set aside time to fill in a habit tracker – it takes me about two minutes at the end of my day to mark which habits I completed and which I haven’t. Everybody can set aside two minutes of their day to do this. It winds me down at the end of the night and normally makes me feel satisfied even during a relatively uneventful day.
  3. Ditch the App – First, I have never found a well designed habit tracking app. The only ones I have ever used also limited the number of habits that I could track. If you set aside time at the end of the day to fill in a physical habit tracker every day, you won’t need digital reminders. I’m all for limiting screen time whenever possible – I think a physical habit tracker is just one way to do this.
  4. Categorize your habits – I like to put my habits into categories. For me – I use chores, personal and hygiene. The top of my habit tracker houses the habits I complete most often – the hygiene category which includes whitening my teeth, using lotion and flossing. The bottom is chores – not all of which I complete daily (there are only so many times in a week that you can sweep). You could easily add other categories like fitness, finance, children, work, creative – whatever.

Hope these quick habit tracking tricks  gave you some ideas on where to get started. What are your favorite habits to track? Let me know below!

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