Beauty worth Investing in

Beauty is definitionally consumable. Whether it’s makeup, skin care, body care or hair products, beauty will always be used and consumed. There are some staples that may last you longer – beauty tools for example. What things do I think are worth investing in?


Skin Care – While I don’t necessarily think you need to buy the most expensive product available – I do think it is fundamentally worth it to have a skin care routine at a young age. Bare minimum you should have a moisturizer and something with SPF. The SPF is especially important and should be used literally every day of your life. Skin cancer is expensive, depressing and unfortunately often times deadly. Start with the basics and work in other products as you can afford them (I’m glad to have a night cream and eye cream in my rotation as well as a selection of masks).


Hair tools – I had the same blow dryer for literally 15 years until I moved to Europe. It was given to me by a friend from university who chopped her hair off. It wasn’t anything super special but it did the job wonderfully. My hair is relatively easily tamable – I don’t need the most advanced technology but I do think it’s worth making sure you have the tools that work for your hair. While I almost never use heat on my hair anymore, I’m glad to have a European hair dryer and straightener that works for me. As of now, I don’t really need any additional tools for my everyday life.


Daily Makeup  (in particular base makeup) – back in the day, I wasn’t the smartest cookie when it came to buying beauty. My general philosophy was “buy everything.” Now what I realize is that when it comes to buying makeup – daily makeup is worth spending more money than trendy or gimmicky pieces. Ultimately, I spend a good deal on my foundation (which again has SPF) and my favorite highlighter. Things that are more likely to fluctuate and change from day to day, I don’t necessarily feel the need to invest in. However, I do have a couple of good higher end neutral eye palettes which I adore.

Hair removal – This is something I haven’t actually invested in (yet) but I think that it can be extremely worthwhile to invest in laser hair removal. I spend a good amount of time taming my legs, eyebrows and moustache (charming, I know). If this is something that is bothersome to you – look into ways to permanently get rid of your hair. I’ve seen some pretty incredible results. Considering how much I spend on razors in the last 20 years, I really feel like this can pay for itself.

What are some of the best beauty investments you have made over the years? Let me know in the comments section below!

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