My Favorite Bullet Journal Moments

My bullet journal is one of my favorite creative outlets. It is never a chore for me to sit down at the end of the day to fill in tasks, habits and my daily mood. While I was once a total perfectionist, I’m enjoying evolving and growing into my new hobby. Here are some of the things I am proud of from the last five months of Bullet Journaling.


  1. Style that I’m settling into – I am really pleased the way I’ve simplified my weekly bullet journal spreads. These are paired down not only from my current BuJo but also from my first bullet journal. I think that’s why I had such a hard time sticking to bullet journaling initially is that I was to complicated. I would get ideas from Pinterest that would take hours to create. Now – I like to keep it simple but with the option to embellish over the week. I also like that I use little doodles to mark events. It keeps me creative but also helps my perfectionism. They don’t always turn out well but I have fun creating them.IMG_2918
  2. Developing sense of Color – When I first started this BuJo, I didn’t really have a plan for color. I didn’t have consistency throughout the month other than to use some rainbow colors. While I love rainbow, I like how I’m becoming more concise with how i use color. I’m glad to sort of make color stories and stick with them. I’m excited to see where this leads me in the upcoming months.
  3. Doodle creations – I think coming to terms with my doodling ability is something that has been so satisfying. I’m not amazing. I’m certainly not as good as many other BuJo artists. I know my limits and I like to keep it simple at present. That being said, I’m loving adding doodles to my BuJo. I like the visual additions and they function more or less the same way stickers function in my Erin Condren.
  4. Some particularly special spreadsIMG_2936Happy Mail Spread – I reference this spread all the time. I love my Happy Mail spread. I completely credit Seaside Bujo on Youtube for this idea. Her spreads are meticulous and gorgeous but I loved the idea of having a mini address book in my bullet journal for those people who I like to send mail to.IMG_2897
    1. Map Spread – I love this map. It took me a long while and I had to watch a number of tutorials on how to create a map (I am not good enough to do it free hand). While I’m not crazy about the key, I do really love this spread and will definitely do it again in my next BuJo.7516843376_IMG_0374
    2. April Monthly concept – I loved taking inspiration from two of my favorite things: street art and cats. It may not be ground breaking but I do think it’s really simple, cohesive and fun. Can’t wait to continue developing new and unique themes! IMG_2928
  5. My Bujo Commitment – this time it’s the real deal. I love my Bullet Journal. I am absolutely committed to keeping it up and to continuing to explore my creativity in this way. I’m also so excited to bring doodles, lettering and ideas from my Bullet Journal into other creative pursuits. Long live the BuJo!

I love looking back to see my growth. Certainly I have a lot to improve on, but that just continues to motivate me. What are some things you are proud of? Let me know below!


5 thoughts on “My Favorite Bullet Journal Moments

  1. I’ve spent about an hour reading your blogs about your 2 journal/planners. I’ve been writing in a journal for about 25 years and want to incorporate more planning and tracking. You have given me some ideas. I’m not a doodler (I’m in my 50s and self-aware). I do stick items into my journals, though, like tickets, brochures (cut up to fit in – I’ve lost 3-5 pairs of scissors in airport security that I forgot to take out). I plan to take some time at each quarter, month, and week and do a layout inspired by an amalgamation of your two methods. Thanks, Tina.


    1. Thanks so much for taking the time! I think my favorite thing about planning is seeing how everyone has a different style which suits them! If you need more help – I’m always happy to give pointers!


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