The 5 things I’m glad I brought Abroad

Moving, whether in country or abroad, is always expensive. I knew the 2 suitcase limit was going to be challenging. Although I have a comfortable stipend which covers my daily life, it does not cover excessive spending on new things. That being said, there are some things that I’m especially happy that I brought with me. Here are the five things that have given me peace of mind or gotten a tremendous amount of use since I’ve been living here.


  1. Hershel Backpack – I love my backpack. I use it almost every day. There is something really nice to me about a neat, structured backpack. Ever since I bought this two years ago from Amazon, I have used it as my school bag (both as student and teacher). I love how much it fits – it’s great as an overnight bag. Highly recommend investing in a little bit of a pricer backpack. Before you buy – I also recommend watching YouTube reviews – I found them really helpful.7518853408_IMG_0287.JPG
  2. A couple of my favorite chackis – I am so glad that I have a few things to make my house a home. I have a whole post of chackis worth keeping (and not decluttering) but I am especially glad for my little giraffe and llama, my miniature “Gordita” and my little wooden box.7516732016_IMG_0126
  3. Letters from my friends and family – There are moments for me, just like for anyone, where I’m homesick or discouraged or lonely. I brought a few especially kind letters and cards from my friends, family and former students to bring a smile to my face on those tough days. I especially like having the physical cards as they were thoughtfully made and written by people I love.
  4. My Kindle – since I spend a lot of time alone, I am so thankful that I have my Kindle. If there’s one piece of technology that does the most for my mental health – it is absolutely my go to travel companion right now. It doesn’t connect to an internet browser – just the Kindle store. It holds a charge for weeks. It is durable. It is my non connective connection to my own language.
  5. My favorite Pillow and Blanket – I am not always the best sleeper. I’m picky about how I sleep, how hard the bed is and especially the pillows and blankets. I have two that I deemed irreplaceable before I moved and with the help of vacuum bags, they made the trip with me. While I would never take these on a short journey, for an indefinite move, I am so glad to have brought these classic, comfort items.

So there you have my five favorite things I am so glad to have had from Day 1 in Spain. What are some things you couldn’t live without? Let me know in the comments below.

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