Curated Makeup Collection: Lips

All right, here we go. This is a big one. My entire lipstick collection on display for the world to see. This is the final installment of my Curated Makeup Collection and has been probably the most annoying to write. I tried some of the lipsticks on in the pictures but to be honest, using sunlight isn’t ideal. On top of that, I’m not really an amazing lipstick applier – so keep that in mind. So what are my lip products. Let’s go.

Traditional Bullet Lipsticks

Total: 12 (4 high end, 4 midrange and 4 low end)


High End –


I’m going to start with the orange  YSL Volupte Sheer Candy orange lipstick- not only is it genuinely gorgeous – it has this amazing juicy balm texture that literally looks like an orange glow on your lips. This is one of my favorite products ever but to be honest – it doesn’t swatch well. This formula has since been  discontinued but they have a similar one available now.

I also have three nude “your lips but better” lipsticks. The Nars is Dulce Vita and is an amazing brown-nude with a lovely shimmer. The Estee Lauder Pure Color is in #1 – Crystal Baby. Fun fact – this is my first high end lipstick I owned and was inspired by an Audrey Hepburn tutorial I watched. Lastly I have this Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in #36 La Caline which has an amazing matte formulation of a berry nude.

Mid-range Mac Lipsticks


I have four which look really similar in this light but are honestly really different in real life.



First I have this amazing blue toned, deep pink called Girl about town.


Next I have a brown nude called Fast Play which I love to wear in a little more blotted look generally.


I also have a sheer reddish color called Crosswires which is my version of a red lip.

Finally I have an amazing yellow pink which looked exactly the same as Crosswires in the picture so I didn’t feel the need to put it in here if I’m honest.

Lower end lipsticks

Starting with the most nude – I have this great lipstick from Model Co called Kitty which I got in an Ipsy or Birch Box. It’s so beautiful but sadly the bullet broke! I think I will repurchase it eventually.


The next two I have are from Sephora’s new collection. I love this cream formula – I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever tried. I have two colors – Oui (#3) which is this beautiful ballet pink and Spring Break (#36) which is a juicy coral I have genuinely been loving.


Last but not least – I have an amazing Milani lipstick in the color Flamingo Pose which is practically a neon coral. I think it’s absolutely fabulous but am very rarely courageous enough to wear it.

Liquid Lipsticks

Total: 7 Low end

I have two formulas of Liquid Lip which I rarely wear. Honestly, I need to think about decluttering. First off, the color stories are remarkably similar with these two collections. Secondly, I just don’t often wear liquid lipsticks.

On the left, I have 3 Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks which I think are the more comfortable of the two formulas. I would love to tell you the three colors but they aren’t permanently marked on the bottle. My favorite is the rose color in the middle – it’s nice and flattering.

On the right, I have the Jordana Sweet Cream Matte liquid lipsticks. I have Buttercream frosting, Creme Brulee, Rose Macaron and Sugarberry Crumble. Heads and shoulders – Rose Macaron is the most flattering on me. However, I love using the lightest two shades in an ombre liquid lip. Realistically, I probably could pass along the deeper pink. I just don’t wear it often.



Total: 3 total – 1 high end, 2 drugstore

So real talk – the Wet’N’Wild is definitely more of a liquid lipstick. But it’s relatively sheer and I usually use a light hand so I’m putting it here. As for the Bourjois Effet 3D – it’s my favorite lip gloss ever. It just looks natural and juicy on the lips plus it definitely has a balm like consistency once it’s spread out.

The last lip gloss I have is a Kylie Cosmetics Koko lipstick. I bought the original 4 piece collection that Khloe and Kylie collaborated on but this is the only thing that made the cut. It’s honestly a little too sparkly to be worn on a casual day but I still like the wear of it.

Lip Liner


Total: 7 (4 Midrange, 3 Drugstore)

I don’t have a ton of lipliners and honestly I probably need to get rid of some of the Mac ones I never use.

Mid Range: The 4 Mac lip pencils I have are from left to right Boldly Bare, Dervish, Soar and Nightengale. Probably my favorite is Soar – it’s just a pretty nice Brown-y Rose.

Drugstore: In reality – I have more than 4 drugstore lipliners because I have about 6 of the Rimmel Lipliner in Eastend Snob. It is genuinely my lips but a little pinker. It goes with just about every nude lipstick under the sun. I also have the Rimmel Lipstick in

So there you have it – my entire lip collection. In total, I have 29 Lip products. This was ultimately a pretty satisfying post as it really showed me some things that I need to declutter. That being said, I’m overall really happy with the colors I have in my collection. Do you have any colors or formulas that you adore? Let me know in the comments below!

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