Consistent Luxury Makeup Brands

Makeup is such a true consumable that it can be frustrating to purchase a product that doesn’t actually work for you. Maybe it’s not the right tone or finish. Maybe it has no staying power. The most frustrating thing for me, though, is when I repurchase a favorite or try to stay loyal to a brand that I like and it turns out to be of inconsistent quality. It feels like a friend has betrayed me.

I thought I would make a list of some consistent beauty brands. Right from the beginning I had a little bit of trouble. Maybe I love a brand’s bases but their lipsticks aren’t for me. So I decided to break this into 5 categories and two posts (luxury and drug store). I should mention – I don’t necessarily currently have products from these brands but I have experience with all of the brands I’m going to mention. Let’s get started with some brands that I consistently have quality products and good experiences from.



Chanel: Chanel has a number of base products that I have tried and love. Their foundations are such nice quality. Their powders are extremely fine milled. My particular favorite is the cult favorite Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation (which I need to repurchase once I’m paid!).

Hourglass: I have tried a number of Hourglass bases either in samples or as a full product and I am consistently impressed. The products are meaningfully different and made for different skin needs. My personal favorite is the Hyaluronic Skin Tint foundation. They also have cult finishing powders which don’t fit within my budget but might work for you.


Nars: Nars has blushes that are legendary and for good reason. Most of them  lean to having a bit of a shimmery effect but they are so flattering that they never have exaggerated texture on my skin. Their highlighters are similarly raved about – I only owned the cult classic “Albatross” in one of my multi-pallettes and it was exquisite.  Nars also has excellent cream cheek products which I would absolutely repurchase.

Becca: Becca has amazing highlighters and blushes. They are consistent, finely milled and downright gorgeous. Around six months ago, my beloved Moonstone highlighter smashed and I literally left my house 20 minutes later and bought a new one. That is how  good they are. I have been dying to try some of their blushes but I’ve heared influencers and friends alike sing their praises.


Lorac: I go on and on about the Lorac Pro Palettes but there’s a really good reason. They are so consistently good – whether you get the pocket Pro or the Mega Pro or the traditional palettes, they are such good quality. I love that the set up thoughtfully includes half matte, half shimmer shades. These products are consistently and undeniably good. Even their limited edition Pro formula palettes seem to be good quality even if the shade selection isn’t to your taste.

Kat Von D: Kat Von D’s line has been impressing consumers since it first came out. It’s edgy and interesting and most importantly – has excellent, consistent products. Their products are especially stand out. The matte formula is agreed by many to be phenomenal quality. I also am a huge fan of their Tattoo Eyeliner. Their limited edition holiday palettes are often swoon-worthy with vibrant shades (that I personally would never use).



YSL: I have tried 5 formulas of YSL lipsticks and every single time I am impressed. I am not someone who necessarily believes in buying high end lip products but you can feel the nourishment and balm-y textures on your lips. It doesn’t hurt that their packaging is absolutely flawless.

Mac: This is a bit contraversial but I’m going to say it – I love Mac lipsticks. I have always prefered a traditional bullet lipstick to the trendier liquid lipsticks and their lipstick formulation just works for me. My favorite formula by them has to be the Amplified lipsticks which come in some truly breathtaking colors. I’m also a fan of the lip liners that Mac has. I have some from 5 years ago that still are as good as new after a quick sharpen.


Overall Consistent Award goes to:


Charlotte Tilbury: The brainchild of the famous makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury products are borderline magical. Everytime I have the chance to go to a counter – I do, just to swatch and gaze upon the gorgeousness. This is not a brand for risk takers – in general, the overall vibe is neutral, but every product consistently gets high reviews. I only have one Charlotte Tilbury product, the Filmstar Bronze and Glow but I have many that I would want to try from every category of makeup. I especially want to get my hands on their lipliners and her large Instant Eye Palette. At her prices, I should hope that every product is a knock out. She delivers.

So those are my general thoughts about which makeup brands are consistent in which ways. If I were going to splash out on a product – I would stick to what these brands are best at to make sure I wouldn’t be disappointed. What are some of your favorite luxury brands that you keep going back to? Let me know in the comments below!


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