Making up time in May


Cartagena part 2


So probably the biggest update I have is where I’ll be living next year. Once upon a time in 2014, I lived in Cartagena, Colombia (above). Next year, I’ll be living in Cartagena, Spain. I’m really hoping this is a good sign for how much I’m going to love the city. Cartagena, Colombia is probably my favorite city on earth. I get emotional thinking about how long I have to wait for another visit. I’m hoping that the name on its own is a good omen.

So yeah, I’m moving to Cartagena – a beach town in Murcia. Overall – the reaction among my coworkers was overwhelmingly negative (I know – helpful). Here’s the thing – if it isn’t my place, I can just change schools again the next year. It seems like a tucked away corner – not too popular like the Costa del Sol or Catalunya. My one worry is definitely apartments. I have not found one that I have even liked a little bit. It’s the beginning of summer – maybe they are all rented for the tourist season.

Focus on Fitness

In the beginning of May, something really embaressing happened. I don’t take it to heart too much. It is what it is. That being said, one of my sweet little 4 year old students asked if I was pregnant. Now, I don’t actually look pregnant. I’m a size 6/8. But – since I was 24, I put on weight. It’s time to consider focusing on my fitness more. It doesn’t really matter if  I end up a perfect size 4. I honestly don’t care much. But if I know I’m trying, I probably wont stress out when a kid says something like this.

So anyways, I’m trying to run and do resistence work outs. I’m having trouble with my legs though – lots of pain when running. So I’m not trying to kill myself but I am looking to keep up a fitness routine for 10 weeks. At that point it should be more of a habit than a necessity. If anyone has suggestions for ways to keep my legs uninjured – I’m all ears!

Trip Home

Another update is this: I’m not able to come home for my best friend Emily’s wedding. I’m pretty upset by the whole thing but I am going to try to come home in August and see everyone. Plus I can celebrate my birthday. I’ve been a little more homesick than normal lately. Just missing the basic things like food and friends. A friend from Zaragoza will travel with me – he’s never been to the states. I’m excited to hnot have to spend the time on the plane alone. I hate flying.

A special Anniversary


The last thing I wanted to mention was the anniversary of the best day of my life. It’s been 10 years since my sister, Molly, married her husband, Greg. Their wedding was just amazing. I feel like it was pinterest before pinterest. Molly told her four bridesmaids to buy dresses in the “red color family.” I remember how worried my mom was about the colors but it ended up being perfect.


Not only was the day beautiful, everyone was there. In 10 years, both families have had a lot tragedy and change.  They have brought two beautiful sons into this world that have made me a better human. It’s been a rough 10 years in a lot of ways but I still look back to this day with a huge smile on my face.


Plus – the place they had their wedding made them these adorable s’mores. Really – perfect. Happy 10 years to Molly and Greg! (All of the gorgeous photos were taken by Modern Photographie in Buffalo, NY).


  1. Music – I’ve been a little musically all over the map this month. When I consulted my most listened songs on my phone – most of them were on my workout lists. The ones that stick out though are my favorite spanish pop songs. Since I lived in Colombia, I absolutely loved most genres of Spanish pop songs. From Enrique to Shakira to Mr. Black (I see you champeta) to Nicky Jam to Daddy Yankee. Some people argue it all sounds the same. Those people are almost definitely culturally tone deaf. As the weather gets nicer, I like to listen to these classics – they bring me back to dancing with my friends in Buffalo and Colombia and generally just make me happy.
  2. Television – Evil Genius on Netflix was horrifying and amazing all at once. It’s four episodes long – about the length of a Lord of the Rings movie. Within the first 10 minutes, there’s a bank robbery by a man wearing a bomb necklace who then is blown up. I mean – shit is absolutely wild. If you like all the true crime documentaries, this one was great.
  3. Movie – I finally saw Black Panther and genuinely get the hype. It was good story, cast well and with enough levity to make it work as a comic adaptation. I absolutely loved every minute.
  4. Random – I am one of those white girls who just loves the royal family. I can’t help it – I am fascinated by the pomp and circumstance. I loved Kate and William’s wedding. I love their children (Charlotte and my nephew Will were born on the same day). Accordingly, I need to mention that the Royal Wedding was just amazing. I loved that it was a celebration of both Harry and Megan. They looked so genuinely happy. As an American – it was awesome to see them embrace her African American heritage. The choir was really moving. Plus – she was just glowing and perfect.



  • Yellow Bikini – All right. There is no secret here. I love the color yellow. It’s always been my favorite. My mom used to tell me that I was born in a yellow room. I have no idea if that’s true. However, I like to think it’s where it al began. I can’t help it. I just think that without yellow, the world would be sad. So anyways, when I saw this bikini in my favorite bra shop here in Zaragoza, I knew it must be mine.
    Not only is it the perfect true yellow, it’s also from a company I love for bikinis. I already have the same suit in a blue gingham. If something is broken – don’t fix it. Hands down my favorite thing I’ve purchased in ages.  (Also those black glasses were an impulse purchase – whoops). 7518826368_IMG_0459
  • Weekly note page – I have seen these around for months but they have always been so expensive – like $12-15. I’m not paying that. When I found this one at Ale Hop, a Spanish chain, I grabbed it up. It was only 3 Euros and so far I’ve been like using it. I don’t think I’ll use it every week but for weeks with lots of events it’ll be perfect.
  • New Birkenstocks – Sorry for this gross picture but it’s true. I had my last pair of Birks for probably 2 full years of lots of warm weather. So It was time to trade them in for a new pair. I tried to find them in a store here but I just wasn’t able to. So I ended up just ordering off of Amazon. I didn’t want a knock off pair – I wanted the real deal. They never disappoint which is why this is probably my 5th or 6th pair of Birkenstocks.
  • Sundresses – This month, I bought three sundresses from H&M. I’ve been feeling discouraged by shopping lately. For once, not because I don’t like the style of clothing but that I just haven’t found it to be flattering on me. So I knew I had to do what I always do: get some simple sundresses to get through the heat. I found 3 casual dresses that I’m a huge fan of and can’t wait to wear throughout the summer.

Planner Updates:

Bullet Journal 

So overall, I still was loving the look of these colors by the end of the month. I also loved the way the “tiled” boarder to my header looked. I also am glad about the way my font looked.

I made two changes this month that I’m definitely a fan of. The first was the addition of habit trackers for each weekly spread. It sort of serves as a test for what habits I want to take a closer look at. The other change I made was the way my blog tracker included spots for writing, photos and scheduling – all of which are a task in themselves. Next month is going to be fun and interesting since I have my biggest event for the next few years: The World Cup. Looking forward to seeing how I can work that into my spreads.

Erin Condren

So these two spreads have been my favorite throughout the past month. I love the rainbow spread I used for the first week of the month to mark my nephew’s birthday. I also loved this girl-y mauve spread from the last week of the month. Both worked well to show off the style of planning I like the most.

These two spreads were not my favorites. The teals and blacks of the astronaut kit are gorgeous – but I’m not really huge into covering my entire planner with stickers anymore. The colorful spread on the right just didn’t end up looking the way I wanted it to. I’m not sure if it was the addition of  the yellow or the busy-ness – I just was not a fan at all.

Next Month:

June is going to be a good month – I just feel it. My school year ends. As soon as school ends – the World Cup begins. I’m going to reach halfway into my project of making fitness into a habit. I’m also hopeful to do some traveling in June. I’m a little worried that the temperatures are going to get higher and higher and I will slowly start to melt but here’s hoping I make it through.


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