Where to Splurge (and save): Makeup

So I never really thought I would be writing so many beauty posts – but I got a ton of amazing feedback on my last post detailing where to spend and save on beauty. So here I go getting a little bit more specific.

So what makeup items do I think are worth the spend? Here I go!


  1. A good everyday base – So let me start by saying that everyone’s preferences are different especially when it comes to base products. Do you prefer matte? A glowy finish? Do you like light or full coverage? Are you a fan of tinted moisturizer? Or do you prefer a full out foundation? Take all of that into consideration when picking out an everyday base that works for you. If you aren’t sure – go to Sephora and ask for samples of products that sound good for you.
    For me, I like a light but buildable coverage with plenty of glow. I have two favorites: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua ($50) and the Hourglass Hyaluronic Skin Tint ($56). Both have a bit of SPF and are excellent products. In fact – my favorite way to wear these is actually to mix them together. I should also say – these last forever. I have used my Vitalumiere Aqua every day I’ve used makeup for 6 months and I’m only now about to run out of it.7516783456_IMG_0430
  2. A single flattering blush color – I think another great thing to spend some time and money looking for is the perfect blush color. I do have some lower end blushes but one thing about them is they fade throughout the day. I’m talking a long lasting, flattering and good quality blush. For me, if I had to have just one blush forever and ever it would be Nars Deep Throat (shown here with another favorite: Sin). A gorgeous peachy-pink color, it has a lovely shimmer and lasts ages. Plus, it takes a good while to go through a blush.7516783456_IMG_0427
  3. Your everyday eyeshadow palette – Although I have many drug store eyeshadow palettes, I do think it’s worth it to spend a little bit of extra money for that one palette that has your everyday favorites. For me – my ride or die look is neutral with plenty of matte and shimmer options. The palettes that fit me are from Lorac. While they aren’t super expensive (I’m looking at you Natasha Denona) the Pro Series of palettes have options that fit my style.
    However, if you are someone who loves to wear warm toned neutrals or colorful shadow or a smokey eye every day – look for a palette that covers those bases.7516783456_IMG_0432
  4. A really good highlight – here’s the thing about highlights – they aren’t that hard to do. However, I think they are hard to do really spectacularly. As much as I love drug store highlighters – this is a case where you want something finely milled which does not emphasize texture. Because if you have a chunky highlight – it will literally highlight all of your imperfections. So I recommend taking a peek at Becca’s collection which offers flattering and super finely milled powders. While I have maybe 5 powder highlights total, Becca Moonstone ($37) is my everyday go to color.
  5. Liquid Liner – Obviously this only matters if you use liquid liner but I do feel that drugstore liquid liners simply do not have the staying power that high end ones have. I’ve heard rave reviews on the Tom Ford double sided liquid liner (out of my price range). I personally have tried the Stila liquid liner (which for me bled but many people adore it). The one I think is absolutely worth the splurge is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. She has another one called the Ink liner. The reason I prefer the Tattoo is because it has a brush tip appilcator and the Ink is felt tip – it goes down to preference. I can literally cry, sweat or rub my eyes – this doesn’t budge.

What do I recommend saving on?


  1. Basically all lip products – Although yes – there are many gorgeous high end lip products – in general, I don’t think you need to spend a ton of money to get a great lip product. From liners to liquid lips to balm – I think you can find incredible products for drug store prices.
  2. Mascara – Dude, mascara just isn’t worth going high end on. L’Oreal, Maybelline, Covergirl, and Essence all have incredible, long lasting mascaras. Why would you pay more when you can get something for a fraction of the price that gets the job done?
  3. Setting powder – you are literally never going to convince me to buy a high end pressed or loose setting powder. I have one from Rimmel and one from Coty and between those two products, they get the job done. I know Laura Mercier has a cult classic but I just do not feel the need to spend more than $10 on translucent powder.7583898160_IMG_0333
  4. Cream Eyeshadow – I love cream eyeshadow – it’s easy and fuss free. And good news – the drug store has tons of options. I prefer cream eyeshadow sticks which you can get from Kiko (my favorite), NYX, Covergirl, and Rimmel. If you are into the pot versions – Maybelline have cult classic Eye tattoos and Revlon also does a great selection. I’m not even covering brands like ColourPop which has drug store prices but may be more difficult to find.
  5. Eyeshadow base – I seriously have incredibly oily eyelids. There is only one eye primer that has worked for me (full stop). That’s the Milani eye primer. I’ve tried everything – from Nars to Covergirl to Elf to Mac. This one is my absolute idiot proof pick. I will never stray again and god forbid they ever discontinue – I will buy 4 tubes to last for the rest of my life (jokes about how long eye primer lasts).

So what do you think? Do you agree with where I spend my money – I would love to know your opinion below!

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