Pack with me: Planner Supplies

Hello all! It’s summer which means it’s the perfect time for a Pack with Me series on my blog. I have a couple trips coming up – to visit my sister in Germany, a girls’ trip in Barcelona and a trip home to bask in the summer glory of Buffalo. I thought I would show you more or less how I pack for a couple different styles of trip as the summer goes on.

The first trip to Germany is going to be just visiting my sister. There’s no going to different cities or hotels – we are actually working on organizing her house. I am going to be there for about a week and a half. For that amount of time – a small carry on is fine for me. I have a Master Packing List which I consult for a basic outline of things I might need. One thing you wont find on that list: my planner supplies.

I know what some people might say – if you aren’t going to visit anywhere, why do you need a planner. I use both my bullet journal and planner not only as a place to put down to dos but also to track habits and memory keep. It’s not like I’ll die away from my stationery supplies but it helps me wind down at the end of the night. So what supplies am I going to be bringing with me?


Daily Bullet Journal – I keep two separate bullet journals. One has my daily to dos and trackers. The other has my more artistic spreads. For this week, that one is staying at home. I only need the daily bujo. This one happens to be by Moleskin but I’m looking forward to trying a new brand when I finish this one.


My cat bag – I bought this at a store in Madrid called Souffle. The brand name might be “Noverty” (which even as a linguist makes me laugh a little too hard). It’s cute and compact but any small bag will do.


Fine Liners: I am going to be bringing my 3 most used sizes of Pigma Microns – .1, .2, and .5. These are more or less the only pens I use in my bullet journal. I do like to have a couple of different sizes for different spreads/purposes. These fineliners have archival ink which apparently wont fade over time.

Markers: I’m bringing the colors of Crayola Supertip that I am using for my current monthly theme which is sort of based on flamingos. These also are what I use to fill in my habit and mood trackers for the month.

Other: I also am going to bring some other essentials. I use pencil to sketch out my spreads and obviously need an eraser to clean up any mistakes. I also need a pencil sharpener as I prefer old-fashion #2 pencils to mechanicals. I also will bring some post its to write down ideas or things I need to remember that I would normally put in my Erin Condren. Finally, I’ll bring some clips to mark my spot in my planner.

So there you have it: the bullet journal supplies I’m going to bring on my next trip. I know that my sister has a lot of this stuff but we are going to be in serious organization mode – I don’t want to go digging to find something I might need. This way, it’s all together in a bag that I will be able to consolidate throughout my time with her.

What are some stationery supplies that you bring with you? Sound off below!


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