My Minimal 3, 5, and 7 Product Face

It’s finally getting to be that unbearably hot summer temperature and humidity which for me means that I need to embrace it in terms of my beauty routine. I thought what I would do is show you my three summer makeup routines. Basically – I don’t want to be bothered with a ton of makeup in the summer. It’s going to move around and come off no matter what. That being said, there are a few products that I wear every day and some products that I add in to build on a simple look.

Each of these sets just builds on the previous face of makeup. I also really wanted to limit the tools needed to create the look and focus on finger-friendly products for this.

3 Product Face


If I am going outside and want to look a little more awake and also protect my skin with SPF, I will go for these three products.

I recently purchased this Chanel Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Tinted Moisturizer in the shade light and honestly I love it. It has SPF 30 which I find is enough for me day to day. It is an amazing dewy texture with the most barely there tint. What I love about this is that I have extremely faint freckles – specifically on my nose and this base does not cover them up. Like I said, they are still faint but I can see them which makes me happy, especially in summer.

The other two products have been staples of my makeup routine. The first is my only brow product I will use – Mac Concrete Eyeshadow. I have been wearing this shade for around 6 years now. I personally can’t handle eyebrow pencils – I haven’t found one I like in years. So I may have to use a slanted brush to apply it – but I know how I like my brows to look. The other thing is simple and cheap – Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I love my eyelashes naturally but I love them even more with mascara. I love this one because it doesn’t flake but it’s pretty easy to remove.


5 Product Face


So the next two products I add in if I want to look a little bit ~fancy~ are a cream highlight and contour.


I’ve been using Mac’s cream color bases for years. The two colors I currently have are Pearl and Hush. I am way more likely to go for Pearl, a lovely light gold, just because it’s a little more blinding as a highlight. Hush is a good one for when I have a bit of color to my skin – the pink hue really compliments the (very light) tan that I sometimes can get in the summer. You can double these up and use them on the lid but beware – these suckers crease like crazy. I have super oily eyelids anyways so cream products are a little tough for me generally without a powder. However, I like to place them in the inner corner for a nice highlight to open my eyes up. As you can see, they are relatively sheer but they give a wonderful glow to the skin.


The other thing I sometimes use is another double-up-able product: cream bronzer/contour. I recently bought this Kiko Sculpting Touch in the color 200. It’s really interesting because sometimes it looks more orange than taupe in certain lights but it is relatively neutral. I love to pat this onto the lids of my eyes with a finger for a simple summery definition. While this is my current cream contour – there are tons of good ones on the market. I also love the double ended stick by NYX.

7 Product Face


Alright, time to go all out. If I’m going to add two more products to this all-over-glow summery face – I’m going to add powder and a cream blush.

I’ve been using a Drag Queen favorite, Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder, for a minute. Unlike drag makeup, I don’t need a ton to get a nice glowy coverage. It’s finely milled and is a great way to make sure that my makeup wont move throughout the day. It also doesn’t cover my freckles. This is a product I might add in if I am going out for the entire day or it’s 500% humidity.


The other product I might add is a Cream Blush. It goes with the overall dewy skin look and can easily double as a quick lip tint. While it might not have any lasting power on the lips, it can be built up with a couple of layers. The one I’m using is this Absolute Blush Balm. I have my eyes on some other cream blushes (there’s a new Illamasqua one I would love to try a sample of) but this one is a lovely neutral mauve for the mean time. It’s a pretty flattering shade and certainly didn’t break the bank at 8€.

The Look and Wear


Here’s a peak at my 7 product face before an after a day out and about. I want to note that it drizzled for awhile and I was not with it enough to bring an umbrella. I think the lasting power is relatively impressive. Obviously it’s a light overall look but like I mentioned before – I’m so pleased you can see my 5 nose freckles throughout the day.


So those are my simple, quick and minimalist 3-5-7 product summer face. Let me know below if you have any other easy to apply products that I might want to check out. I’m all ears when it comes to new beauty especially now that glowy skin is completely in.

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