Consistent Makeup Brands: Drugstore

This is part two to my most consistent makeup brands but this time we are going to head to the less expensive brands – those that we sometimes call drugstore. I want to say – not every one of these brands can be purchased at your typical corner drugstore but all have similar to drugstore prices. Much the same as my last post – I’m going to split into 5 brands to talk about.

Note – right now, I don’t have every single one of these products in my current collection. I only keep what I need and what I’m using in the moment.


L’Oreal – L’Oreal is one of the larger makeup conglomerates in the world. They own many high end brands from Lancome to Giorgio Armani. It’s not surprising with this pedigree that their base products are some of the most consistent in the drug store. Their foundations have often been lauded but most recently their Infallible line has had particular success. They also have the Dream Lumi line of concealers which are very similar to the cult YSL illuminating concealer.

Maybelline – I love Maybelline foundations and concealers. Their FitMe line is really inclusive and their Age Rewind Concealer is seriously a cult product. Plus their dream cushion foundation is one of the best at the drug store.


Flower – Flower cosmetics, founded by Drew Barymore, has had increasing success throughout the years. I’ve tried blushes and highlighters and have been extremely impressed by not only the formula but also the lasting power. Flower’s cheek products sit beautifully on the cheeks. I especially love the Flower Pot blush in Peach Primrose which made the cut to cross the pond with me.

NYX – NYX is one of those brands that has so many products it can be hard to choose which ones are real home runs. However, for me it’s their cheek and highlights. I love their new Mochi line – they have the coolest texture and surprisingly awesome color payoff. I also have had many of their powder and cream blushes throughout the years and I have never had something to complain about.


Wet’n’Wild – Wet’n’Wild used to be a brand I seriously only associated with low brow, poor advertising and cheap packaging. Now, while the packaging is still cheap (and so is the rest of this affordable brand) – who cares. It works. Their eyeshadows are amazing for the ridiculously low price. I’ve had many many singles and pallettes throughout my time as a makeup lover and I will say that I have always LOVED the formula. My most recent makeup purchase has been two of their new palettes which are finally available off Amazon in Europe for 4 Euros.

Kiko – So let me start by saying that for me Kiko is consistent except for their larger eyeshadow palettes. I absolutely love their eyeshadow sticks. I’ve tried 4 of their single eyeshadow formulas and across the board I’ve been super impressed. My current favorite



Rimmel – This is another range that I seriously love but particularly when it comes to lip products. Not only do I think their bullet lipsticks are bomb, I also love their lipliners. I tried some of their liquid formulas and was very impressed even though they aren’t my favorite type of lip product. I love their Kate Moss inspired color line especially.


Sephora – I have tried bullet lipsticks, liquid lips, glosses, liners and bombs and I have found incredible consistency at Sephora. While right now I only have two of their incredible new bullet lipstory lipsticks – I have always been impressed by this often overlooked brand. I think many people go right to the prestige, luxury brands at sephora but for lip products – both in formula and color – I don’t think you can do better than their own brand.

Overall Consistent Drugstore Brands:


Wet’n’Wild – I feel like this is sort of a wildcard to mention both as a category winner as well as an overall winner but I am seriously passionate about Wet’n’Wild. They have such good highlighters, blushes, lip products and foundations. For the price – you literally cannot beat this brand which continues to step up their quality game throughout the years. I cannot go to a drugstore in America or abroad without looking for some Wet’n’Wild treasures.

Milani – Milani is one of those dark horse brands which isn’t available everywhere. That being said – I love Milani. My favorite product from them is their eye primer but I have had foundations, blushes, lipsticks, highlights and eye palettes in the past and they seriously rock. I’m dying to get my hands on some of the new Milani products the minute I step back into the states as they are a bit harder to find here. However, when a friend is looking for a good, quality makeup product at the drugstore with a little more of a budget – the Milani counter is where I send them.

So what do you think? What are some of your favorite brands? I would love to know your favorite products especially if you live outside of the US or Canada. Let me know below and don’t forget to like this post!


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