Why is this still a thing: Junk Drawers

This is part of an ongoing series where I think of things that I am amazed still exist. Most of these things may appear to be dying out but I’m shocked by how prevalent they still are in my daily life. So today: junk drawers. Why are these still a thing?


I remember growing up, we had two junk drawers in our kitchen and one in our laundry room. The one in the laundry room was a little bit better organized – mainly batteries and light bulbs. However, it was also where we stored dead batteries and light bulbs. Why? I have no idea.

In our kitchen, the theme continued with useless shit shoved into a drawer with some things that may have still been useful. Dead pens along with twist ties, rubber bands, post it notes, old family photos, rocks and music boxes. Why? I have no idea.

So now, whenever I come across a “junk drawer” I have to wonder – how is this acceptable to people? If you are calling something junk and have it tucked away, never to be used – get rid of it. When I was helping my sister reorganize, she was shocked when I went through her pens to see which ones worked while recycling the rest. But I personally don’t think it’s that hard to stay on top of. When something breaks – get rid of it appropriately.

Maybe it’s because I’m used to living in relatively small rooms or apartments but I just feel like it’s such a waste of space to have a drawer which is unusable. It’s also prolonging the inevitable time when you do have to reorganize. So you are realistically wasting your time too.

Right now, I have 6 small drawers in my room that store my makeup, art supplies and some hygiene things. I know exactly what is in each drawer and I regularly go through and discard things that aren’t useful anymore. I don’t always just throw it out. If it’s school supplies, I try to bring it to school. If it’s makeup, I try to give it to someone who will use it more than me (harder here in Spain). And if it has no use or is broken – yes. It gets tossed.

I challenge everyone to stop dedicating a drawer (let alone 2 or 3) to unorganized junk. Instead, put the things back where they belong. Put writing supplies with writing supplies. Put photos with photos. File random papers. And if you genuinely wonder, “why do I still have this?” – it’s time. Get rid of it.

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