My Favorite Cream Makeup Products

2018 has really been the year of cream products for me. I’ve embraced the trend of no-makeup makeup looks (if you know what I mean, you know what I mean). I’ve tried a bunch of formulas over the years. Here’s my collection of cream products and which ones are my absolute favorites, plus which don’t make the cut, broken down by category.


So not to sound like a total pain – but I’ve been using cream highlight way before the trend really picked up. I bought my first one at least 9 years ago now and I’ve kept repurchasing it ever since.


What was that gorgeous cream highlight? It was a Mac cream color base in Pearl – the product all the way to the left. You can tell that I use this almost every day by the fact that you can see the pan and also that it’s somehow extremely messy. I have that same product in a slightly pinker hue – this one called Hush. This formula is obviously dewy and works well on its own or layered with other powder highlighting products.

The last cream highlight I have is the Wet’N’Wild Hello Halo in Halo Goodbye. I bought this one (pictured all the way to the right) in the beginning of summer and honestly haven’t gotten much use out of it. It sort of reminds me of a Nars product I had ages ago in the icy pink tone. This sort of color is better suited to me in winter so I’ll hopefully be using it more or decluttering it soon.



My most used cream blushes by far are the two little pots by Maybelline of Dream Matte blush. One is a lovely coral (#30), great for the summer months, while the other is a lovely everyday pinky nude (I don’t know the color). I use one of these almost every day and they are so easy to apply and blend quickly. They are my goof proof daily choice.

The other two cream blushes I have are this stick blush by Absolute NY – a nice mauve choice and a Rimmel Royal Blush in this bright orange coral. I use these significantly less than my Maybelline but if I’m in the mood for a slightly different color choice – I’ll grab these.


The only cream blushes I have are these Glossier Cloud Paints. The colors were inspired by the New York City sunset and are meant to be blended together to create a unique flattering shade made just for you. I have Dusk – a brown natural nude and Puff – a baby pink. I like these but they aren’t necessarily daytime user friendly if you are a lady on the go. While they blend well, their liquid formula isn’t the most quick to apply and the colors aren’t the most flattering on their own.



In terms of true cream eyeshadows – I have two types. The Kiko eyeshadow crayons and then my cream shadow tubes. I’ve talked about my Kiko eyeshadow crayons about a million times (see here) but these are the new heroes in my collection.

Starting from the left, I have this L’Oreal Eyepaint in 306 (an amazing matte taupe), Glossier Lidstar in Fawn (an amazing metallic brown), L’Oreal in 202 (a classic khaki green), L’Oreal in 205 (my favorite type of champagne gold) and finally Glossier in Cub. I find myself reaching for one of these every day. However, my one caveat is that they are not long lasting if, like me, you have oily eyelids. I still have to use my eyeshadow primer if I don’t want them to basically disintegrate on my eyes.

So there you have it – a quick look into my cream eye and cheek products. I’m always looking for new recommendations (especially for blush pots) so if you have any I can’t miss – please let me know below!

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