Things I keep on Repurchasing: Makeup

So I wanted to continue on with my series on things I keep repurchasing with another consumable type of product: makeup. Something interesting about makeup is that it takes literally months or years to finish products. So if you actually repurchase a product, it means that you really love it. I came up with a few products that I keep going back to as my absolute favorites. Not a ton of surprises – these are all part of my everyday face. But hey – I thought it would be good to know!



Mac Cream Color base in Pearl – This is a product that I use literally every time I put on makeup. I find the color extremely flattering on my skin as a highlight base. I always pop in on the top of my cheekbones. I can do the sloppiest job on earth and it doesn’t matter – it will still look amazing. It doesn’t really emphasize texture but then I don’t have a ton on the top of my cheeks. In general – I find this to be one of my underrated hero products. I have repurchased it around 5 times in the past 8 years.

Milani Eyeshadow Base – while I have been slowing up on using eyeshadow super consistently, whenever I do, this is the base I use. My eyeballs are practically an oil slick – nothing sticks on them. I’ve tried all the fancy primers – from Urban Decay to Nars to Mac – and this is the one that works the absolute best on me. I think the thing about eye primers is that they are so extremely specific to different people. I don’t hear a lot about this eye primer but if they every stopped making it – I will absolutely stock up. It works that well. Plus you need the absolute tiniest amount – literally about a 10th of a pea – so it lasts forever.


Chanel Foundation – I am such a believer in Chanel base. I’ve used the Vitalumiere Acqua for years. Recently, I got their Skin tint and also fell in love. I keep repurchasing and recommending their bases to my friends because they just work. They are glowy, not too much coverage and long lasting. Plus even if they are expensive, they are widely available which is helpful for me.


Mac Concrete Eyeshadow – This is a pretty weird pick when you take it at face value. Why on Earth do I keep repurchasing an unassuming cold brown eyeshadow. That would be because it’s my perfect eyebrow color. With an angled brush – this sucker makes my brows look exactly how I like them to look. I’ve tried pencils. I do like brow gels. But Concrete is on my eyebrows daily and has been for about 10 years.


Becca Moonstone Highlight – I debated about putting this on the list but then I remembered something. Last year, I dropped my Becca Moonstone on one of the first days I lived in Zaragoza. It shattered. I left my house and immediately bought a new one. That’s how much I love it. Unlike the cream color base – this powder does accentuate texture when you pile it on but seriously it’s a gorgeous pale gold. This sort of color really suits my skin tone. This is the best version of that pale gold I’ve found (and believe me, I’ve done the leg work).


Rimmel East End Snob – This is probably my holy grail lip pencil. It is a little bit cooler toned than my lips but it’s a great way to cheat my lip line. I seriously have rebought this sucker more times than I can say. It’s cheap. It works. It’s ubiquitous. If you have deeper skin, they have other darker nudes which I think could have a similar effect. Highly recommend – even as someone who doesn’t wear a ton of lip product.



So there you have some of my most repurchased items. This doesn’t include some fallen beauties which have been sadly discontinued (but not forgotten). I would love to hear what someone your most repurchased items in your makeup bag are. Let me know below.


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