Random Brands I am Loyal to

Since being an adult, I’ve obviously made a ton of buying decisions. I’ve noticed some distinct patterns and I’ve written some posts about brands I’m loyal to for specific products (read about makeup, skin care and stationery in these posts). While I was writing and thinking about those, I starting thinking about the brands I keep going back to as often as possible. I wouldn’t say any of these brands are completely without fault – but in general I have good reasons for my loyalty. To round out my re-buying series, I thought this would be a nice finale.


  1. Fisherman’s Friends – Ok. So I have one life goal that will almost definitely never be realized. It’s to be a spokesperson for Fisherman’s Friends. I can still remember the first time I had one of these babies like it was yesterday. I was in Denmark suffering from a cold and these were the only cough drops that the pharmacy recommended.When I opened the package I was instantly a little bit revolted (stay with me – it gets better). They sort of look like turds with their brown color and are absolutely pungent with their high concentration of menthol. But seriously – you need like one of these and you will be decongested and without throat pain for a week. They are incredible. The menthol acts almost like Vik’s and completely clears out your naval cavity and numbs your throat at the same time.Being honest, the first one of these are pretty tough to get down but I will always be loyal to the Fisherman’s Friends. They have been my sole comfort during many a cold and cough. They have staved off early signs of illness. They have quelled my poor throat during a particularly shout-y day at school. I am seriously so passionate about these babies (I recommend the original, extra strong or mint versions) that I keep around 4 bags at the ready just in case I need them.

  2. Ikea – this was another love at first sight brand for me. I was maybe 15 and I went with my mom and her good friend up to Ikea outside of Toronto. We made a day out of it – getting the meatballs and taking our time in the showroom. I will never forget the first things I got – it was a super cheap bookshelf and a really beautiful CD rack that I had for years.Since then, I’ve furnished at least 3 apartments exclusively with Ikea. I remember the day I finally was able to buy the vanity I wanted for years with my friend Julie like it was yesterday. I think it was one of the first early steps towards my organization obsession was seeing Ikea hacks all over Pinterest in using them frequently. Even now, I use Ikea for some decorative pieces in my furnished apartment.I want to note: I don’t see anything wrong with Ikea furniture. If you put it together correctly, it can last for ages. I’m pretty proud to say that I actually enjoy the process of putting together Ikea. I find it satisfying and sort of meditative. Even the really difficult stuff can be such a thrill when you finally get everything together.fullsizeoutput_ea0
  3. Dove – I don’t know when I started pretty much exclusively using Dove for most essential toiletries but it definitely happened. In the states, I used the shampoo and conditioner (for the record it was the Oxygen range). I still exclusively use their deodorant. I also every day use a lotion for my arms and legs. I also use their body wash.
    So I guess the question is: why? I think it started with the early marketing of inclusivity in their campaigns. All bodies were accepted. I think I appreciated the overall vibe of their brand and just started trying stuff out. Honestly – it works. Their lotion keeps my dry skin hydrated. The deodorant is AMAZING – seriously I don’t sweat when I wear it. The shampoo kept my fine hair bouncy. I just really love their products.Dove’s company message of simplicity and inclusivity was refreshing when it began and now that I use their products – it’s all I reach for when I’m at the grocery store.
  4. Aerie – So this one is extremely specific. I use Aerie only for their underwear. It’s clean. It’s utilitarian. You can wear it until it falls apart. It’s 7 for $25 – less if you can find a sale.Similarly to Dove, I appreciate Aerie’s commitment to using “real women.” I like that they don’t really like photoshopping. While my commitment to Aerie pretty much ends at underwear – I think if you have a average sized bra, they may have some great options. They also have loungewear which I always admire.
  5. Apple – I’m on my forth computer and fifth iPhone – while that sounds ridiculous let me clarify by saying that I absolutely destroyed one iPhone in a freak accident and one of my computers grew mold on the start up disk (long story). Another computer was completely submerged in water for about a second and recovered after a night of drying off (miraculously).I love Mac. I like the ease of use. I like the editing software for both video and pictures. I appreciate the support you get from Apple stores. I’m a fan girl. I think there’s a reason I keep going back – Mac works for my lifestyle. The computers are small but have everything I need. iPhones have amazing cameras and capabilities. I don’t need the newest thing – I don’t feed into that. My iPhone is an SE and I’m completely happy with it. My computer is a new MacBook which my friend talked me into over my trusty MacBook Air.

    I’ve taken my Apple products all over the world. I’m not gentle with computers or phones. I don’t have patience for treating them like glass. As a pretty rough and wild user – I manage to have almost no software or hardware problems that aren’t of my own making. That’s why I keep coming back. Minimum need for help, ease of use and global universality.General-Mills-Cereal

  6. General Mills Cereal – before anyone tells me about how much damage the cereal industry does to the overall health of children and adults alike – I just want to explain why I love GM cereals.From when I was little until when my mother passed away when I was 20, she worked for General Mills. I know obviously this speaks to my mother as a worker but also for the company at large. My mother received her cancer diagnosis around the year 2002. She immediately had to have surgery to remove the lump in her breast and had a two month  recovery.
    While I don’t know the specifics of this time off, I do know that for the next 8 years, General Mills gave my mother whatever time she needed. For years at a time, she went on a 3 day work week so that she could have chemo on Thursday, a recovery day Friday and time with her family on the weekends. There were times when my mom would work from home – but they were not nearly as common as her being able to rest and do things that brought her joy.My mother loved her coworkers – they were part of her extended family. Often, she invited new, young people into our family too – inviting them over for dinner or for family events. It was such a positive community for her – Ryan, Lynn, and Shawn stick out in my mind as the backbone of her team.I will always love General Mills Cereal. If I had to choose some favorites – Cheerios were the most common smell in our city, Lucky Charms had marshmallows that my mother ordered, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch is perfection in a cereal. I love that General Mills was such a big part of my childhood. Bring your parent to school day instantly made me so cool to the other students. Plus – I love cereal.

    So there we – some random brands that I absolutely love. Are there any random brands that you can’t get enough of? Let me know in the comments below!

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