February Bujo (Mid-Month) Update

February is one of those months for a lot of people. It’s cold and long (despite it’s short length) probably due to the lack of holidays. Most of us are just trying to make it through winter at this point with the mid-month Valentine punctuation. I figured I wanted to update my readers about how I was using my bullet journal this month and how it was working for me.


For February, obviously I wanted to go in some sort of “love” direction to honor Valentines Day. I was thinking about a way to incorporate Valentine’s Day without hitting people over the head with hearts. However, I ended up settling on Sweethearts. I don’t know what it is about these candies. They are classic. They are funny. They are definitely not delicious. I thought it would make a great theme idea. Fun fact: this theme was my most liked instagram post ever!

Month at a Glance

For my month at a glance, I incorporated a dutch door but this time I’m really happy with the way it turned out. On the left, I wrote February and on the right, I made my social media trackers. Since it is a shorter month, there was enough extra space to put in my favorite RuPaul quote: “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else – can I get an amen?”

On the flip side of the dutch door, I wrote my monthly tasks out. I like to write out tasks I do biweekly and weekly so I can make sure I do those things as well as overall monthly to-dos.

Habit and Mood Trackers:

I loved my individual habit trackers last month so I definitely wanted to reuse the concept again this month. In each row, I’m using a different rainbow pastel color. I can see myself repeating this idea again next month.

For my mood tracker, I knew I wanted to do sort of a candy jar look. I was mindful last month of which emotions I needed the most and which ones I wanted to use. I’m a lot happier with the mood choices I have this month. I fill in each heart in a sort of linear fashion (I snake around from top to bottom) and with a pen write the date and day of the week.

Weekly Spreads:

Sorry for the less warm lighting here: I blame winter.

After January, I sort of came up with the perfect weekly spread to get everything in that I want. It’s another dutch door situation which gives me plenty of space to write in tasks for each day. On the left sidebar, I have my habits. On the right, I have my to-dos. I like to have more room right now since I’m a little bit on the busy side this month. Once things calm down a bit, I may look at removing the dutch door and going back to a simpler layout.

Supplies used and notes:


Most of my markers used for this week are Crayola Supertips. However, I do use the light purple Mildliner and the Orange and Purple Stabilo highlighters. All the lettering was done with my Pentel Sign Pen in Black. All of the mono-line writing is done with a Pigma Fineliner in one of several sizes. On the hearts, the pink writing is done with a Tombow Twintone but I honestly feel any pink fine liner would work.

The two things I wanted to note this month is that the end of the month, I want to do some sort of memory spread. I am not exactly sure what things I want to put in – maybe some of my favorite things but also favorite moments. Let me know below if you have any suggestions fo what you want to see.

The other thing I did want to note is the Stabilo Boss highlighters are a huge headache to use for bleed through in my Leuchttrum. However, especially with the orange one, it is the perfect color for candy hearts so I’m stuck between color and use. I choose color every time. Just figured I would let you guys know.

So there’s my mid-month bujo update. I’m really loving this theme and using my trackers. I have found myself sort of wanting to use a similar color story next month but I’ve decided to save that theme idea for next year since I don’t want to do two back to back. Plus I’m moving next month so I want to keep my theme a little bit simple and easy to maintain.

Please let me know below what sorts of things I should put in my memory page for this month! I am definitely interested in some input!



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