Makeup No-Buy Year: Guidelines and Update

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my makeup no-buy year. I’ve decided that this year is the year I’m going to stop buying makeup for the entire year! Yes! You read that correctly! No  new makeup (almost).

I started in January with some basic rules. I figured I would share them with all of you and let you know how it’s been going for me.

The Rules: Basically, I can summarize my rules like this: I am not allowed to buy anything that could be considered “new.” I am allowed to replace makeup if I only have one of a certain type and I go through it. There aren’t a huge number of this type of product – things I use every day and may be able to run through in a year or less. I figured I would let you know what they are.


Base – I allow myself two types of base. One tinted moisturizer and one foundation. Day to day, I use tinted moisturizer. Typically, it takes a little more than 6 months for me to go through one of these Chanel bases. As for foundation, because I use it a lot less, it takes me awhile to finish off a bottle. I typically buy something drug store. To be honest, my trusty Wet’N’Wild bottle is old and crusty – I bought it well over a year and a half ago. This is an example of something I didn’t finish but may replace this year because it’s expired.


Highlighter – I use this Mac cream color base every single day. I actually already have a back-up ready but if I didn’t I would allow myself to purchase a new one.

Mascara – here is the thing I will replace a couple of times. I am a believer in replacing your mascara relatively often. This one I started right at the beginning of January so I plan on replacing around every 3 months. At the end of March, June and September, I’ll grab a new mascara.

Things I almost definitely will not be replacing or buying:


Blush – right now, I sit at 9 blushes. While I love having a range, they take literally forever to go through and I will likely not be purchasing anything new in the next year. I’m making one tiny exception. If I can find a new version of Rimmel Santa Rose, I’m going to pick it up. However, this color was discontinued in most places as far as I can figure out.


Eye Shadow – I do not need any new eyeshadow. I have many palettes, quads and singles. The only eyeshadow I have basically ever run through is the one I use in my brows. Even that color (Mac’s concrete) is something I use once every 4 years. Last year, I stocked up on lots of different  types of palettes – from vivid colors to a couple of neutrals. Frankly, I just don’t wear eyeshadow enough to justify it.


Lip Product – So I begin this category with one giant caveat – if Glossier comes to Spain, I really want to try their lipstick formula. However, I have plenty of lip product. I don’t really need anything new.  I barely use lipstick. When I do, I either wear nude, rose or berry and I have those bases covered.

So how’s it been going?

Honestly, it’s been going pretty well. The only thing I have bought this year was a lipstick I bought from Sleek and totally regret since it’s basically the same thing as my new favorite Charlotte Tilbury in Bond Girl. I’ve been tempted by a Wet’n’Wild palette which I can’t buy in Europe so that’s a non-starter.

I think when you do go on an active no-buy year, it becomes so obvious the redundancy of makeup. I’m really glad that I made this one of my goals although I totally understand that it may not be a complete success. But really – why do I need more makeup? I don’t. Knowing is half the battle.


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