Where have I been? Quick February and early March Update

Hello everyone! I’ve been missing in action for almost a month here. Where have I been? What have I been doing? Let’s jump right in.

New home

First and foremost, I’ve officially moved! I’m still living in Cartagena but at last I’m living alone. It was a really interesting experience moving and definitely I have to shout out my best buddy here in Cartagena, Elena, who went above and beyond in helping me. I’m going to write a separate post about the whole story including things I had to buy, problems I ran into and the finished “product.”

Valencia visit with my best buddy

Right before moving, I went to Valencia to see my best buddy, Daniel. He’s my buddy who I brought to the states. This September, when I moved to Cartagena, we were now more than 5 hours apart by car. We decided to make a buddy weekend in Valencia since it is almost exactly 3 hours from both of us. We had a really nice time although somehow had mostly bad food luck (I officially don’t trust google reviews). We went to the aquarium where I literally wanted to stare for 18 hours at the jellyfish. We wandered around the center a bit. It was ultimately a short visit, but we had lots of bonding time together.

New job(s)


In the past month, in addition to my main school, I’ve gotten around 10 hours per week of private lesson and English academy work. While this has made the financial burden of moving to a new apartment significantly less worrisome, it’s a lot for me to be honest. I value my “me-time” and the extra 10 hours is a lot. It cut into my blog time, my bullet journal time, my sanity time. I feel like I’m mostly in a groove now and my new apartment is a lot closer to all of these places.

So that’s basically the run down of where I’ve been. I’m bummed out that I didn’t make one of my main new year goals which was to produce two blog posts weekly. But hey – it’s life. In losing out on that goal, I managed to find reliable side work. And I’m living alone for the first time since being 21. My sister describes it as my “natural state” and I can’t disagree. I cannot wait for any visitors who may want to stop in.


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