March Wrap Up

March usually is a bit of a difficult month for me. It’s the month that my mother died. It’s the month of my father’s birthday. There’s really not much to look forward to in March overall. As usual, this March was pretty bleak. While there were a couple of highlights, for the most part, March was sort of monotonous once I settled into my new routine. What were those highlights?

What I did:

Valencia with my buddy – In the first weekend of March, I went to Valencia with my buddy from Zaragoza. It’s a good halfway point for a weekend visit. The highlight was the aquarium – specifically the jellyfish. It was expensive but I could have watched those jellyfish all day.

Move – as I’ve mentioned on this post – the biggest change for me this month was moving into my own apartment. You can read up on all the high and low-lights over there but the long and short of it is that I am so thrilled to be living alone.

ID – After literally nine months, I finally have my National ID card. Seriously – it is such a pain in the ass to do it on your own but at least now I can breathe knowing that I’m able to travel wherever I want until it’s expired. The bad news? Well, it expires in 3 months.

My favorites:


Baths – I would say my least favorite room in my new apartment is my bathroom. It’s totally acceptable but it’s a little dark – there’s no light over the shower and there’s limited hot water. However, I’ve sort of figured out a system to take baths every few days. I heat up water on my stove – not to a boil obviously but to hotter than bathwater. Then I use whatever hot water I have to start the bath and add in the stove water as needed. It’s not great but seriously – I love taking baths. It’s been a relief after some truly miserable days to take a nice relaxing soak with some wine.


TV Shows: I mean – Queer Eye season 3. It’s hard for me to pick a favorite episode but I would probably say Elrond and Sons which focuses on a man whose wife died of cancer 2 years before. Five minutes in, I was crying. It’s just really sweet to see this guy in continued moments of grief but also moving forward with his life.


Podcasts: Obviously I’m still a huge True Crime Obsessed fan. However, this month I’ve listened to Season 2 of In The Dark which covers the case of Curtis Flowers. Curtis Flowers has been tried and convicted of the same exact crime six times which is something I didn’t know was even possible. Apparently when your conviction is overturned – no matter how many times – the district attorney can choose to retry the case. Anyways – it’s really interesting but also really sad and infuriating. I recommend it, but just be prepared to be frustrated once again by our broken justice system!

What’s up next? 


April starts tomorrow which means I am almost in single digits until I’m back in Copenhagen! That’s the biggest and most exciting thing I’m looking forward to. Get ready for some serious best of Copenhagen content – including my April bullet journal spreads being dominated by Copenhagen doodles.

As this is a place I love and have been many times, this time I want to spend some extra time eating, exploring and shopping on top of visiting monuments I haven’t seen before. I will say – I am just a touch worried about the weather but I’m sure I will adjust well.



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