Margo: Why I went ahead and adopted another baby

About a month and a half ago, I found my beautiful baby Bowie outside of my school. You can read the whole story in this post. I love him so much. He is charming and funny and sweet. I thought that everything was settled in my two being family.

About a week after I got Bowie, I noticed that he was biting and scratching me a lot more than other kittens I have had. I bought some extra toys and dedicated time to playing with him. It didn’t help. I knew it wasn’t intentional. Bowie just didn’t know what it meant to play. I watched a Kitten Lady video about what to do in this situation and one of the things she suggested was getting a second kitten.

At first, I scoffed at the idea. I’ve always been more of a one cat person. Ever since I had Oscar in my life, I didn’t want more than one cat. However, a little bit of fate stepped in and changed the game. I saw a facebook post for a kitten that looked just like Bowie. Same cow spots. Same type of fur. I was convinced that I found Bowie’s actual biological sister. I contacted the adoption service here and set up a visit.


When I met the little girl, then called Galleta, it was immediately obvious that she wasn’t Bowie’s sister. However, I noticed her sweet little personality right off the bat. She is very calm but she loves to play. You can pick her up without a problem. She can change her mood from playing to cuddling and then playing again in a moment.


I went home and slept on it and then I decided: I wanted to get this little kitten. It wasn’t a selfish thing and it wasn’t even a love at first site situation. It was something I knew in my heart would be good for Bowie.

I introduced them one week ago to exactly the sort of hissing, confusion and sass you would expect from a pair of cats. But within a day, Bowie became the sweetest big brother in the entire world. He LOVES the new girl. I decided to call her Margo after the character in the Royal Tenenbaums.

In the week since I got Margo, I’ve fallen in love with her calm soul. I love her pink little mouth and nose. She holds her own in fights against her brother and while I do occasionally step in if she’s wailing – there has never been blood. I love that she wolfs down food and then tries to eat Bowie’s as well. I love when she perches herself on me and watches me unblinkingly. I love her tail and how she is confused by Bowie’s little nub.

I feel very secure now in my little family. Every day when I get home Bowie runs to the door for his customary kiss right on the nose. Then Margo pops her head up from wherever she’s sitting and I give her a little love. We always take an afternoon nap together, Bowie on my chest or neck and Margo by my side. At night, Margo sits next to me while I do work and usually there is family cuddle time after dinner.


Some of my friends think I’m going to get another kitten. I’m not. I don’t want to spoil what we have going on. It works so perfectly.

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