A Mid-Size, Mid-Year, Makeup Declutter

It’s been a fair amount of time since my last makeup declutter. I try to do one every six months or so. I have been on a ‘No-Buy’ with moderate success. I have broken it a couple of times for new items – but far fewer than I would have at another time in my life. That being said, I felt like my collection was getting too cluttered so it was time to evaluate and toss some items.



My face products were relatively easy to declutter. I haven’t used the Wet’N’Wild foundation in ages and to be honest, I only really need one fuller coverage foundation for special occasions so I went ahead and tossed the remaining product. While it looks full – I would estimate that this bottle was at least 2/3 of the way gone. I also went ahead and tossed the Mac Lustre Drops. I’ve had them for ages and while they were relatively novel when I got them, now there are many dupes at the drug store. Nars blush in Sin is a similar story. I wanted to include a picture where you could see the discoloration after I swatched it – it’s just too old to use anymore. Finally, I got rid of another highlighter product from Wet’N’Wild. Icy pink just isn’t my color. I prefer light golds.



For small eyeshadows, I tossed all the colors from this Mac Quad. I really love the sort of silvery one so I may consider repurchasing in the future if I try it in store in the quality is good. I also tossed this blue maybelline single which is both old and dupable in my collection. As for the yellow Nyx color – I have one already which lives in my palette of yellows.

My Z-Palette suffered a terrible accident a couple of weeks ago. I already tossed some clear fatalities but was putting off going through the other casualties. I decided to toss the four most damaged colors. While inevitable, it was a little on the sad side for me because these are some of my most used colors. All of the small square eyeshadows are from Lorac Pro palettes.



Lips were probably the hardest just because of nostalgia. Two were easy – the Bite Cosmetics lip crayon is fine but I have other lipsticks in the exact same color family I reach for. The Rimmel lipstick in the Pink tube was fine – just sort of a sheer nude color. I didn’t use it at all.

The last two were a little harder. The Nars lipstick in Dolce Vita is ancient – you can actually see how the packaging has broken down and become sticky. I plan to eventually repurchase this sheer, natural lip stick eventually. The Em Cosmetics is just such a lovely bright color which is not available anymore. I have a dupe in my collection so I decided it was time to let it go. you can see the weird discoloration if you look at the actual lipstick.

What’s on my list?

I think I’ll probably eventually replace the Nars Lipstick. It’s just such a flattering color and the sheer formula makes it so easy to apply to lips. As I’m going to have to replace my everyday tinted moisturizer soon, I am not planning on buying anything else in the near future – instead I’m going to focus on skin care, especially in the summer months. You can never have enough SPF. God knows I need it with the Spanish Sun.

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