My Absolute Favorite Lipstick Formula

For along time, I haven’t really been a lipstick person. I usually like the look of much more natural, sheen-y lips but any lipstick with that finish lasts about four minutes. Very occasionally, I love a pop of matte color but those are far too drying on my lips. I’m just a little finicky.


As I’ve moved further and further away from wearing a lot of makeup in general,  I’ve found it impactful to have something on the lips. Considering I usually have a very light base, highlight, brows and mascara – a lip can be an easy way to brighten up a quick face.


Enter the L’Oreal Rouge Signature liquid lipsticks. I never thought I would go for this type of formula. Usually, I absolutely hate the feeling of liquid lipsticks. They often feel dry right off the bat and either fade strangely throughout the day or flake-off which is absolutely disgusting. These simply don’t wear in that way. They sort of fade throughout the day and certainly there are no flakes. I really appreciate the pointed applicator which makes it so easy to get a sharp enough line on the go.


I gambled and on this formula and I bought one hot strawberry color – my ideal alternative to a classic red. I didn’t wear it until I was in France on holiday with a friend. I put it on in the morning and kept asking her: “is it still on?” The reason: I could not feel it. I had a hearty lunch and a few glasses of wine and still it wasn’t flaking or fading. It was absolutely shocking. I posted the above picture on Facebook and got tons of likes – I have to think it was because of the gorgeous lip color.


When they first brought out these lipsticks, I wasn’t really drawn to any of the colors. I got back from France and was delighted to see that L’Oreal had brought out a new range of colors. Inspired by the Parisian sunset, the new colors were softer and more wearable for every day. I’m realistically not going to be wearing a strawberry lip every day but might wear a “your lips but better” color every day. I ended up buying three colors. In the tubes, they look really similar but I promise on my lips they are different enough to defend my choices. I’m going to insert swatches of all five of my shades below. I don’t have good enough lip swatches to insert here just because these suckers are hard to get off and it’s sometimes hard to get good enough lighting to see the lipsticks on.

The color that started it all: I Represent

My reddish dream color similar to Charlotte Tilsbury’s Bond girl: I Lead

My hands down favorite color in the form of a flattering rose: I Choose

A subtle orange color when you are looking for the basic-girl pumpkin spice: I Amaze.

A surprisingly flattering purple mauve color: I Rule


There you have it – this year I’ve been really careful about my makeup purchasing habits. I’ve been really trying to do a no-buy but these gorgeous lipsticks somehow snuck into my shopping basket. I think it’s an easier pill to swallow since they are drug store and you can find them on sale from time to time. Over here – these beauties will cost you around 14 Euros but sometimes they are buy – one – get-one free.

If you are on the hunt for a long-lasting lip-color in a flattering shade – these budget friendly beauties may just be worth a look!

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