My Absolute Favorite Lipstick Formula

For along time, I haven't really been a lipstick person. I usually like the look of much more natural, sheen-y lips but any lipstick with that finish lasts about four minutes. Very occasionally, I love a pop of matte color but those are far too drying on my lips. I'm just a little finicky. As … Continue reading My Absolute Favorite Lipstick Formula

A Mid-Size, Mid-Year, Makeup Declutter

It's been a fair amount of time since my last makeup declutter. I try to do one every six months or so. I have been on a 'No-Buy' with moderate success. I have broken it a couple of times for new items - but far fewer than I would have at another time in my … Continue reading A Mid-Size, Mid-Year, Makeup Declutter

Where have I been? Quick February and early March Update

Hello everyone! I've been missing in action for almost a month here. Where have I been? What have I been doing? Let's jump right in. New home First and foremost, I've officially moved! I'm still living in Cartagena but at last I'm living alone. It was a really interesting experience moving and definitely I have … Continue reading Where have I been? Quick February and early March Update