Downsizing My Handbag Collection (Literally)

Whenever I'm on the hunt for a new purse, I realize that I immediately gravitate to the same sort of thing. I want a small, box-y bag which has a cross body strap. I usually have a color in mind when I'm shopping which is exactly what happened today when I bought my latest bag … Continue reading Downsizing My Handbag Collection (Literally)

2018 Makeup Favorites

This year, I tried to slim down my makeup and beauty collection. At this point, I'm basically on a one-in-one-out product buyer. If I buy something, I probably am replacing something in my collection or have recently decluttered. One of my favorite purchases this year was actually a magnetic palette which I was able to get … Continue reading 2018 Makeup Favorites

Random Brands I am Loyal to

Since being an adult, I've obviously made a ton of buying decisions. I've noticed some distinct patterns and I've written some posts about brands I'm loyal to for specific products (read about makeup, skin care and stationery in these posts). While I was writing and thinking about those, I starting thinking about the brands I … Continue reading Random Brands I am Loyal to

Things I keep Repurchasing: Skin Care

I am a total skin care convert. I absolutely love the ritual of going through skin care motions before bed. Over the past several years, I have bought and tried a lot of skin products. Historically,  I also subscribed to subscription boxes which introduced me to different brands and products. While I wouldn't say I … Continue reading Things I keep Repurchasing: Skin Care

Things I keep on Repurchasing: Makeup

So I wanted to continue on with my series on things I keep repurchasing with another consumable type of product: makeup. Something interesting about makeup is that it takes literally months or years to finish products. So if you actually repurchase a product, it means that you really love it. I came up with a … Continue reading Things I keep on Repurchasing: Makeup