2020 Bullet Journal Flip Through

We all know it was a weird year but I decided to do a flip through of my mostly complete bullet journal! There are some of my favorite pages and plenty of unrequited goals to check out. I will say - I'm happy to report I'm starting 2021 on a really strong note! https://youtu.be/oejk31vDq_8 Hope … Continue reading 2020 Bullet Journal Flip Through

The Bullet Journal Return

It's pretty obvious I took a year off - I'm going to address that in another post. However, to summarize where I've been and why - I wasn't very inspired and I was working a lot. I still was using my bullet journal but I was too stressed out to sit down and reflect on … Continue reading The Bullet Journal Return

2018 Bullet Journal: What worked and what didn’t

It's officially 2019 - cue the fireworks and party horns! I am bursting out of my skin with excitement that I can finally officially use my 2019 Bullet Journal. Everyone loves something shiny and new and clean. That's not the only reason. My 2018 bujo was my first complete year in a bullet journal. Because … Continue reading 2018 Bullet Journal: What worked and what didn’t