Decluttering with my sister: The finale

So this is the finale about my time decluttering and organizing my sister's house. I wanted to talk not only about the outcome but my experience helping her over ten days. The one disclaimer I'm going to make right from the start is that I did not feel we were "finished" when I left. There … Continue reading Decluttering with my sister: The finale

June Wrap-Up

So here we are in another  new month. June was a time for beginnings and ends for me. The last day of school. The start of summer. Finishing the project of helping my sister get organized. The world Cup starting. It was exciting overall but I'm at the end of the month at a turning … Continue reading June Wrap-Up

My 8 favorite things about Europe

For years, my grandmother has asked me why I love Europe so much. She’s begged me to stay in America. Now, to be honest - there are some things I love about America which I’ll write on soon. However, these are my general favorite things that cross most cultural and countries in Europe. The terrace … Continue reading My 8 favorite things about Europe